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These people are having a bad day at Starbucks

They’ve had their names mangled or they’ve started making up fake ones. Shocking stuff.

EARLIER THIS WEEK an American named Virginia had her name spelt as Vagina on a cup while visiting a Chinese branch of Starbucks.

The internet is littered with people who have their name mangled by busy Starbucks staff.

We’ve had a look around to bring you some of the funniest things that have ended up on Starbucks cups.

1. Ruth gone wrong

Starbucks Spelling / Tumblr

2. This dodgy Nathalie

Nathalie Leon / Instagram

3. The two friends who ended up with an Irish twist on their cups

Kris and Iris go to Starbucks. Enter the cashier...

via Imgur

4. The cup of either a popular Jamaican rapper or a Scooby Doo character

Starbucks Cup Love / Tumblr

5. This mangling of the name Mary

Mary Kay / Instagram

6. This bunch of rather cheeky names

Starbucks Cup Love / Tumblr

7. An interesting take on Mark

Starbucks Spelling / Tumblr

8. The barista who was clearly trying to be a bit flirty

via Dis411

9. Taking apart the name Coleen

via Coleen Patrick

10. The guy named Chad who visited Buenos Aires and had this happen:

My name is actually

via Imgur

11. The One Direction fan who took it too far

Maxime Rosseel / Tumblr

12. The rap superstar who ordered coffee

The only reason I go to Starbucks

via Imgur

12. The person who got named after poo

Starbucks Spelling / Tumblr

13. Making a mess of Laura

Starbucks Spelling / Tumblr

14. This rather harsh word being used instead of a name

via Brain Spillage

15. The pop superstar grabbing a drink

Starbucks Spelling / Tumblr

16. Making a mess of the name Molly

Starbucks Spelling / Tumblr

If you've had your name turned into something completely different at Starbucks then do let us know in the comments.

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