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Starbucks is testing a new latte that's supposed to taste like Guinness

The Dark Barrel Latte is currently being tried out in stores across the US.

Image: Flickr/txberiu

ARE YOU SITTING comfortably? Big news.

Starbucks are trying out a new latte that’s supposed to taste exactly like a lovely, creamy Guinness.

Inspired by ‘the rise of craft beers’ the coffee chain have dreamed up the new Dark Barrel latte, which blends caramel, chocolate and espresso to create a stout-flavoured coffee.

According to information from a barista on the Starbucks sub-Reddit, the new latte contains a ‘chocolatey, stout-flavoured sauce’ that gives a normal coffee that smack of Guinness we all desire.

It does not (unfortunately? fortunately?) contain any beer, but a Buzzfeed writer that tried it out did think it tasted “remarkably” like stout.

giphy Imagine this. But stout-flavoured. Source: Giphy

The product is currently being tested in stores across the US, so there’s no word yet on whether we’ll be seeing it over here.

Heads up, though, Starbucks – WE have the final say on what tastes like Guinness or not. Just letting you know.

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