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12 signs you are staying up too late on the internet

Yes, you. You on the sofa there.

1. When you said ‘one more episode’ three episodes ago

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2. When you’ve dozed off and been woken up by the fan on your laptop

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3. When you have been on the sofa for so long, you’re almost part of it

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4. When you’ve been waiting 40 minutes for the person you’re having an argument with to respond

5. When you get a little tiny moment of excitement at the ‘new tweets’ button

6. Only to be let down because the only people in your timeline are Americans, probably talking about a TV show that you can’t watch

7. When you feel like you’ve seen the whole internet

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8. And witnessed things online you didn’t want to witness

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9. So you’re reduced to just going back through favourite YouTube videos for the warm feeling of security they bring you

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10. Or going down a Wikipedia hole and reading the entry for ‘serial killers’

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11. When it’s your brain kind of feels like the internet got inside it somehow. That’s scary, isn’t it?

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12. When everyone else went to bed HOURS ago.

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Welcome to our world, everybody!

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