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boob pockets

8 reasons why your bra is the perfect place to store your stuff

The most important pocket we have.

IF YOU’RE A LADY, you’ve probably stored something in your bra, even just for a minute.

An Australian café recently launched a crusade against this - owner Corey Weekes says they will not accept any cash that comes from an undergarment.

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He told Mashable Australia:

It’s sweaty, my employees hate it, and I don’t like it. It’s just not a great thing to experience when you’re at work.

But using a bra as a pocket is seriously handy! Let us explain why.

We know people think it’s disgusting

Really. People are quite vocal about it.

But a lot of women’s clothes do not have pockets

This isn’t our fault. We have to make do with our own, natural pockets. Look at Ariana Grande here, pulling an acceptance speech from the depths of her strapless gown:

NowWorldNews / YouTube

What would she have done without the boob pocket? Exactly.

No one can pickpocket a bra

Ok this is me at the gym lol phone in bra! Only on days I work on my #biceps and #triceps because I feel the strap holder for my phone is holding my muscles down. Is it true or am I just crazy??? #fitness #igfitness #fitlife #gymproblems #phoneinbra lol Instagram / chrystal_vg Instagram / chrystal_vg / chrystal_vg

Not without you noticing and taking action, anyway.

And the likelihood of things falling out are slim

tumblr_mluq7hX5nK1s0o2nio6_500 Tumblr Tumblr

It’s locked up tight in there.

And it’s not particularly uncomfortable when you’ve arranged it right

A lot of the time, you forget you even put anything there (which makes for a lovely surprise when you take your bra off).

Heh. This what hit the floor when I took my bra off! Wth I do not remember putting anything in it. Ugh my dirty feet!!!! #ocr #florida #ruggedmanic #mud #stuffinmybra Instagram / sostaceygo Instagram / sostaceygo / sostaceygo

Sometimes you actually have no choice

No hands? No pockets? Stick it in your bra! It’ll look after everything for you. Like this gal, multitasking by using her phone torch while it’s stuffed in the bra. Ingenious.

Best sister ever! ☺ Instagram / laurenn_b90 Instagram / laurenn_b90 / laurenn_b90

But, BUT – you should draw the line at paper money

nursemariah Tumblr Tumblr

Just like you wouldn’t relish accepting a moist tenner that’s been in someone’s fist for an hour, so too should you not expect people to accept your warm boob money. Try to keep it in your purse.

So store away, ladies, store away

Don’t let the boob pocket haterz get you down.

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