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15 gas tweets that sum up Ireland during Storm Desmond

It’s windy and rainy, but we’re still joking.

Irish Summer Source: final gather

IT’S ONLY BEEN a few weeks since Storm Barney visited Ireland with a bang – and now his big brother Desmond is here and blowing a gale.

It’s the number one trending topic in the country right now and everyone is urging people in the most affected areas to stay safe tonight.

But, as always, we haven’t lost our sense of humour:

1. Like this sound advice

2. The name is a major talking point, of course

3. The picture doesn’t make for great viewing


4. Desmonds around the country are taking it personally

5. Not that many people are impressed with the name

6. At all

7. It does have a certain familiarity to it

8. This pooch wasn’t too happy at being put to work

9. And this tweet represents everyone this Friday night

10. We have ascertained where it started though

11. Praying for those travelling head first into it – like a scene from an epic battle

12. All we can do is hope to be out of it

13. Some have seen the practical benefits, though

14. And others are using it as a rather genius excuse

15. Just take the roads in at this stage

Stay safe everyone <3

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