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15 tweets that sum up Ireland during Storm Frank
Stay safe out there, everyone. And keep up the jokes.

STORM FRANK HAS well and truly arrived to cap off quite the winter of awful Irish weather – and the wind and rain will be off the charts for the next couple of days.

So, as ever with such things, people have been hitting back in the most Irish way – by taking the piss.

1. There’s only one person we need to call in this situation

2. The whole country has the emergency supplies out

3. We’re trying to put a face to the name

4. It could be Fassbender behind it all

5. The best way to handle it is to personally insult the storm

6. #FeckOffFrank

7. Question its validity

8. It’s a shite name for a storm, obviously

9. But the benefits are obvious if you’re safe and inside

10. You can use it as an excuse for getting out of anything this week

11. Franks around Ireland are outraged to be associated with such a Christmas downer

12. And suddenly all these storms have started getting a lot more regular since the names got famous

Or it just seems that way.

13. The nation has had enough

14. They’ve taken the roads in

15. The tyranny of Storm Frank has hit the doors of Ireland’s Costa Coffees

That’s TOO far.

Stay safe out there, everyone.

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