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The Strawberry Dream is by far the best chocolate in the Roses
It’s true.

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GORGING ON THE Roses tin is a tradition in many a household across the land – and on Christmas Day it hits its peak.

And the Strawberry Dream is the very best one you can pick out.


Well, they’re worth fighting over

You’d never square up over a caramel barrel, it’s just like any other chocolate you’ll find around the gaff. The Strawberry Dream is unique and can’t be replaced by a poxy caramel biscuit.

They’re the most aesthetically pleasing of all the Roses

Best packaging colour? Check, the pink stands out the most.

As for the choco itself, the gushing goo of Strawberry is the best looking filling in the tin. It just wins on every conceivable design level.

It has a dedicated army of supporters

The Strawberry Dream kinship is real.

But this is crucial: it’s always the one left over because so many people don’t understand the greatness

The Strawberry Dream can be bought individually ffs


If that’s not a ringing endorsement of its greatness, then nothing is.

And it smells like Christmas too

There is a certain fruity delight to the Strawberry Dream that makes it stand out from the rest of the pack

It makes the Quality Street strawberry taste like muck

It’s even got its own yoghurt because it’s that delish

Does the Quality Street strawberry flavour have that?

Does it f**k.

Some people even think they taste like childhood itself

Whatever works for you. Keep the Strawberry dream alive.


And there’s always one question that you must ask yourself


They are the jewels in the tub, and once gone you are left with the more mundane Roses to chew on.

So, today of all days, stand up proudly and declare what you have always known to be true: the Strawberry Dream is the greatest ever Rose.

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