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12 everyday situations that are actually unbelievably stressful

Oh, the stress.

LIFE CAN BE stressful enough as it is.

But these things? They only make it worse.

1. Trying to keep up with the speed of revolving doors

2.  When you’re sitting in the window seat of the bus and you need to be let out…

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But the person in the aisle seat is listening to music on their headphones and they can’t sense you need to get out? Fantastic.

3.  When your phone battery gets below 20% and you’re out and about

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4. Struggling for small talk at the hairdresser/barber

At least taxi drivers can complain about other taxi drivers/being a taxi driver/taxis if there’s no other small talk to be had.

But hairdressers?

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5. When you’re on Facebook/Twitter and you get a new follower/friend request

Do you follow back/accept immediately? Does that seem too needy/psycho? Are you too coy if you leave it for a day?

The stress of it all.

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6. When you’re at an unfamiliar coffee shop/café

And you’re not au fait with how they do things/where you wait/who you pay.

*asks for a medium, stands to the side and hopes for the best*

7. That thing where you don’t quite know where you’re going and you end up doing a total U-turn in the middle of the street.

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All you can do is pray that nobody saw you stop in your tracks in the middle of the road and turn back around. And that you find out where the hell you’re going.

8. When you can’t hear a word that someone is saying and you have to look engaged

You have asked them to repeat themselves several times, but to no avail. So you smile and look engaged, but then they look expectantly at you for a response.

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9. When someone stops you on the street and asks for directions

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You know how to get to Grafton Street from Dame Street. You’ve lived here for years! But for some reason, it’s just incredibly stressful when you’re put on the spot and you wind up mumbling vague sentences like, “Eh, just keep going straight” and “You can’t miss it”.

10. When you’re on public transport and there’s no seats/bars to hold on to.

Just try to stay cool, don’t stress out and don’t lose your footing.

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11. Pretty much anything relating to Verified by Visa

Every goddamned time.

12. Not making a hames of a new toilet roll.

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