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9 struggles people with the surname 'Murphy' will understand

It’s not easy, you know.

1. First of all, it’s literally the most common surname in the country

Meaning that there are probably hundreds of other people with your name scattered around the country/world.

So much for being a special snowflake…

special Source: Wikipedia

2. In fact, you almost certainly share your name with a TD/GAA player/actor/musician

Spare a thought for all the Eddie Murphys, Paul Murphys, Cillian Murphys and Roisin Murphys out there.

Coming soon... 11/19!

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3. It’s so common that it can lead to some rather awkward mix-ups

4. You were never the only Murphy in your class… and you were always asked if you were related to the other Murphy

“Are you anything to John?” “No.”

giphy (3) Source: Giphy

5. At some point, people will have tried to make the nickname ‘Spud Murphy’ stick

CgwG3YdWgAAZH9d Source: SouthStaffsRHS/Twitter

6. As well as ‘Murph’ and ‘Smurf’

Oh, the joys.

Change_Into_Purple_Smurf Source: smurfsfanon/Wikia

7. Sometimes it can feel like your name is a little too apt

8. Although it does present lots of irresistible pun opportunities

Be right back, setting up a law practice/coleslaw company.

9. And finally… you’re always confronted with merchandise like this on Facebook and Twitter

Which causes you to wonder, “How do they know?”

ma Source: albanyretro

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