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7 things you'll DEFINITELY do instead of revising for exams

It’s exam season, people.

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IT’S THAT TIME of year again.  The time when the sun starts shining, fun events pop up left, right and centre, and students can’t enjoy any of it because they have to study.

The study period is a strange one, because if you have to do it it’s all you can think about, but at the same time there are all kinds of important obstacles which get in your way.  All you want to do is study, and yet you have so many jobs to do before you start!

Like these seven very important tasks which are essential to learning during exam season.

Devise a study timetable

Then draw it out very neatly in different coloured pens and laminate it.


The colour co-ordination is really important here, if you don’t have coloured pens then maybe you should go out and buy some.

Organise your notes

How are you supposed to study with your notes all over the place?

Flickr/General Wesc

Buying some new folders

Where are your notes supposed to go if you don’t have some new folders to put them in?


Tidy your room

You can’t possibly study in an untidy space.


Tidy room, tidy mind, isn’t that what your mother always said?  She wouldn’t want you to disobey her, would she?  No she wouldn’t.

Download some good study music

Classical music is good for the brain right?


Organise your iTunes

How can you find the good study songs when your iTunes is all over the place?

Flickr/Matthew Oliphant

Taking breaks

It’s very important to take a break once in a while, otherwise you won’t be able to take anything in.

After all, you’ve spent ages organising your notes and tidying your room!

If you are one of those studying, we wish you the very best of luck.

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