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18 photos that will make any teenager of the early 2000s weak with nostalgia


1. Wearing these, tied just so

cl52agnqooo5vzsfpzba Complex Complex

2. And this, purely for aesthetic reasons

#livestrongbandSource: Instagram / ​​gaspi_011

3. Desperately wanting this

Motorola Razer + Pink + BlogSpot BlogSpot

4. And this

Ipod_mini_2gen_silber_clean Wikimedia Wikimedia

5. Sending out these to beat the band


6. Because you'd spent all your credit on these pages in the backs of magazines

Mizz-Nokia-phone-logosSource: BlogSpot

7. This guy

maxresdefault YouTube YouTube

8. Needing a stack of these in the house at all times

maxell_cd-r_50pack_400 Duplication Duplication

9. Because you were up all night downloading songs off this

223978644_cc43954eac Loadion Loadion

10. Being pretty sure that this was the best album of all time

81iC+O0ec2L._SL1448_ Amazon Amazon

11. Or this

eminem-marshall-mathers Noisey Noisey

12. Judging your friends based on their answers to these


bebo quiz slideshare slideshare

13. Fancying him

RED IS FOR EMMY PARTY AP / Press Association Images AP / Press Association Images / Press Association Images

14. Or her

MTV TRL RACHEL BILSON AP / Press Association Images AP / Press Association Images / Press Association Images

Seth and Summer 4ever xx

15. Changing these like you changed your underwear

tumblr_nsxjrqElbC1uoew7wo1_1280 Tumblr Tumblr

16. Wanting every shade of these

17. Destroying virtual lives on this

maxresdefault Wikia Wikia

18. And jumping around on one of these

ps2-pro-edition-dance-mat-26ef Engadget Engadget

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