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12 things only Irish grandparents love

They remember when all this was fields.

THE IRISH GRANDPARENTS are two of a kind.

1. Lighting a candle when a big event is coming up

What do you mean you’ve failed?! Your nan lit a feckin’ candle and all!

lightingcandles Source: Azra Abertish

2. A nice drive

Preferably up the mountains. Basically, as far away from civilisation and fun, the better.

whataview Source: Smemon

3. Imagining you’re still 9

28 in grandchild years is 8. To calculate grandchild years, just take off the first digit of your age. Yes, you actually get younger as you get older.

lookyounger Source: ArthurPeter

4. Telling anecdotes about the Easter Rising

They hid a fella down the back garden and their dad was in a photo with Michael Collins.

There he is, down the back. No, the one beside him.

easterrising Source: TheOMaolagan

5. A good pleat

A nice skirt from Eastex in Arnotts is always a safe gift for your nan. And your grandad’s trousers are always ironed like this. Always.

how_to_iron_vintage_02 Source: Bessgeorgette

6. Secretly slipping their grown grandchildren a fiver

Always grateful.

Imgflip Source: Shutterstock

7. Volunteering at Mass

The highlight of any grandparent’s week, to be a part of the offering was truly an indication of social status. Oh to touch that tabernacle.

Catholic_tabernacle Source: Wikimedia

8. Cooking things that taste like heaven itself

Your nan never follows recipes and measurements, she just KNOWS. She can feel it. Michelin star chefs are all just on a constant journey to achieve this level of amazing.

As for dessert? If it’s not smothered with a whole carton of custard, it’s not being served.

birds-custard-powder-300g Source: Concordextra

9. Caravan holidays

There’s a bit of sun. Summon the extended family.

11top_right_photo. Source: Gleesonsholidaypark

10. Reading the deaths and telling you about them

You know your man? Him. He died.

poorjimmygrandparents Source: Shutterstock

11. Two-hour long phone conversations

The elderly generation haven’t been cursed with smartphones and social media, therefore only get in touch with people on the phone, rarely, so spend hours reeling off every detail of their lives since the last conversation.

It’s not over until they hang up and complain that they were kept by that one who’d ‘talk for Ireland’.

Imgflip Source: Shutterstock

12. The Late Late

Friday nights are spent in front of the telly, no exceptions. They still haven’t gotten over the fact that Gay Byrne isn’t on it any more though.

The_Late_Late_Show Source: Wikimedia

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