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8 supposedly simple things we ALL suck at

You think you don’t suck at these things? Be honest now.

IT’S SUMMERTIME AND the living is easy.

But some things will never be easy, no matter how simple and everyday they are supposed to be. Just like getting a lid off a jar, or boiling an egg, it’s something that we’re all told is as simple as pie, but are deceptively difficult to master. Do you suck at this stuff?

1. Writing stuff down

Oh, handwriting. This is something that we ALL have to do ALL the time, yet the majority of us never really got the hang of it. And those who DO have decent handwriting are always inordinately proud of it too.

Image: Pinterest

2. Finding the bit of Sellotape

See also: finding the end of the bin bag. Ragh.

Image: Flickr/sk8geek

3. Getting out of bed

Getting out of bed in the morning is more difficult and praise-worthy than many scientific endeavours and discoveries. Fact. Yet you don’t see anyone giving us the Nobel Prize for getting to work on time. Hardly fair.

Image: The Meta Picture

4. Matching socks

Where does the other sock get to? Why do all black socks look the same, but then different once on your feet? Why haven’t we invented a better system yet?

Image: Quickmeme

5. The 24 hour clock

Listen, no shame with this one. The 24 clock is definitely way harder than it needs to be. Leads to all sorts of “Wait, just give me a second… 17, 18, 19…Half seven!” sort of situations.

6. Doing small talk

Hands up who has dodged the lift at the last minute for the sweet, conversation-free stairs? Why is small talk so hard? Can we all not just agree to be sound and make it easier somehow?

Image: Flickr/jjoey

7. Leaving a voicemail

Invariably, we all panic and leave a voicemail that a) is pretty much just babbled nonsense, b) misses out some vital piece of information you needed to get across and c) fills you with dread once you hang up.

8. Remembering names

You had ONE job, memory.

Image: Quickmeme

Are there any supposedly easy things that you just can’t get your head around? Share this post to share your shame. Honesty is the best policy. It’s a bonding experience.

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