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16 times the internet perfectly summed up what it means to be an adult

It’s hard out there.

YOU CAN’T ESCAPE the joys of adulthood.

1. This visual summary of your weekly shop

C4UEpoI Source: Imgur

2. Spot on

H4V6RJs Source: Imgur

3. Yep, sounds about right

IQhOmdI Source: Imgur

4. This familiar feeling

aI3lQOE Source: Imgur

5. Time works like this

What being an adult feels like Source: Imgur

6. Oh college, please come back

OJWcPIK Source: Imgur

7. Just about sums it up

lG215 Source: poorlydrawnlines.com

8. The horror

W02wdkC Source: Imgur

9. This bleak but very real comparison

LkULBPv Source: Imgur

10. Yep, you’ve made it

knJn3oL Source: Imgur

11. There are even cartoons about your suffering

xmQAu5J Source: Imgur

12. You will learn so much

VkqqRXe Source: Imgur

13. Accurate

DmK3Xlv Source: Imgur

14. Ah, the Sunday night fear

PmvaoxF Source: Imgur

15. This kid knows what’s up

bOBUKkU Source: PaperWingsCrumple

16. The realisation that hits us all at some stage


Fr8couz Source: Imgur

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