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Can this website sum up your entire degree in just one sentence?

Whether you studied English, maths or even photography… Yes. Yes, it can.

IF YOU HAVE a degree, you should be damn proud of yourself.

They aren’t easy to get, and not everyone is lucky enough to get the chance to try either.

However, sometimes studying for a degree can feel like a bit of a futile exercise.

When you finish your thesis in your final year, you look at it and think “Was it for this?”

The website Lol My Thesis perfectly captures this despair by summing up your entire thesis (and therefore degree) in one gas sentence. Users enter in their alma mater and their degree subject, and the pathos cometh.







What do you reckon the sentence for Arts in UCD would be? Let us know your alma mater, your subject and what your “one sentence thesis” would be in the comments.

Ah go on. Go on.

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