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The guy who made Flappy Bird has a new, equally frustrating game for you

Why does he keep DOING THIS to us?

DO YOU PREFER to think of Flappy Bird as a thing of the past, but still dream of beating your high score?

Does this gif strike fear in your heart?

flappybirdsgif Source: Thejournal

Well prepare for the second wave of madness.

Back in February, Flappy Bird creator Doug Nguyen took the game down because the success of the game ‘ruined his life’.

It seems he’s back for more, though, as he’s just released a sequel – Swing Copters.


Following a similar premise, you have to quickly tap the screen to keep the little helicopter in the sky. Every time you tap, the helicopter changes direction – you have to catch it at the right time to avoid the swinging hammers above you.

image (1)

This is difficult, as we learned over and over and over.

image (2)

Swing Copters is available to download now on the App Store and the Google Play Store. Get it now before he changes his mind.

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