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# you're too close
This gal designed a t-shirt for her boyfriend to ward off other ladies
“If you are reading this, you are too close.”
# father chewie louie
People are going mad for this brilliant Father Ted t-shirt
Father Stig Bubblecard? Father Johnny Hellzapoppin’? Father Luke Duke?
# New York
Watch: Train passenger gives shivering homeless man his t-shirt
The video has since gone viral.
# Fight night
Reebok has withdrawn this 'Ireland map' UFC t-shirt after a huge backlash
Looks like they forgot something…
# happy girls
This kids' t-shirt has gotten Next in a lot of bother on Twitter
People were concerned that the slogan put out a negative message about mental illness.
# ruhama
Arnotts apologises for 'My First Pole Dance' t-shirts
The clothing has been taken off the shelves after it sparked anger online.
# off the shelves
Arnotts has pulled this controversial 'my first pole dance' t-shirt from shelves
The t-shirt was on sale up until yesterday, but has now been removed.
# do not pass go
Guy gets arrested while wearing the best possible t-shirt
Such rotten luck.
# Prank
An Irish woman made this t-shirt for her boyfriend, and the internet went crazy
It was just a prank…
# garth as gaeilge
Wondering what to wear to the Garth Brooks gig? Look no further
…Slip on down to the OOOAASSSIS!
# who's a trendy garda
That was quick - Martin Callinan t-shirt appears online
Calling all fashionistas.
# Hello boy's
You can now buy this grammatically questionable t-shirt in Penneys
Someone employ a t-shirt spellchecker, STAT.
# let's cook
Celebrate Breaking Bad as Gaeilge with this brilliant t-shirt
We want one. Now, bitch.
# blues
'Kerry me bollix' -- check out the T-shirts some Dublin fans will be wearing at Croker tomorrow
And they’ve sold out.
# brooooce
Bruce Springsteen swaps his guitar for a hurley
Because he’s Dancing In The Pairc.
# getting shirty
'Lions Are Just Big Pussies' t-shirts going down a storm in Australia
The last time a country made such bold claims was in 1997 and we all know what happened next…
# Monkey Business
VIDEO: Orangutan rips t-shirt off tourist...
…and wears it on his head.
# Spás
Commander Hadfield loves Ireland and we've got the t-shirt to prove it
You can have one too.
# Gesture
Your T-shirt-with-a-somewhat-arrogant-message pic of the day
Dimitar Berbatov has implied his teammates should “keep calm and pass the ball to me”.
# What the fliuch?
The most appropriate t-shirt you’ll see today
Also suitable for all Irish seasons.
# Racism row
Ferdinand returns to Mancester United training after T-shirt spat
Ferdinand was taking part in a protest by certain black players who claimed that the ‘Kick It Out’ campaign was not doing enough to deal with racism in the game.
# Sesame Street
Pics: Luke Ming Flanagan wears his Oscar the Grouch t-shirt in the Dáil
Can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street…
# Tee Time
Anyone for the first of the Damien Duff Euro 2012 t-shirts?
Penneys are selling these bad boys in aid of Temple Street and Crumlin Children’s Hospital.
# t-shirt
Sinn Féin pulls 'Thatcher's grave' t-shirt from online store
A t-shirt showing silhouettes dancing at the Iron Lady’s grave is withdrawn, after being slammed by Unionist politicians.