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People are going mad for this brilliant Father Ted t-shirt

Father Stig Bubblecard? Father Johnny Hellzapoppin’? Father Luke Duke?

father todd unctious Source: Twitter/@DougalMacGuire

WANT TO SUBTLY proclaim your devotion to Father Ted? Look no further.

Any Ted fan worth their salt will covet this t-shirt that references A Christmassy Ted – it features a full list of the priest names Mrs Doyle goes through before she finally lands on Father Todd Unctious:

The t-shirt was widely admired after being retweeted by both Today FM DJ Dave Moore and Graham Linehan himself.

So where can you get this marvellous creation? Well, it’s available on both Amazon and eBay for around €16, shipping not included.

tednameswhite Source: eBay

May you never puzzle over a Father Ted trivia question again.

H/T Joe.ie

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