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20 more really weird reviews that Irish people have left on Just Eat

You could honestly spend hours reading this stuff.

1. This woman left us absolutely DYING to know what was wrong with her order. 

“I got refunded I’m not gonna say why I got refunded but I would not order from that place ever again be warned.” 

PastedImage-86264 Just Eat Just Eat

And still, she gave this restaurant 1.5 stars. Not one star. Not a half star. Her mind. 

2. Here’s another interesting review of the same restaurant. 

There are literally no word to describe how rotten the pizza is, it literally makes me ill to think about the pizza so much chesse the base is dry with no sauce and the chust is too much for life… 

Wait, it gets even better. 

The garlic bread is a small roll with pepper on top. 

Honestly? If you close your eyes and visualise that, it actually sounds like the description of a Michelin star dish. 

The garlic cheese chips are as dry as a summers day. 

Tasha began this review by telling us that she literally had no words to describe her experience, but in the end, she did so quite beautifully.

PastedImage-63228 Just Eat Just Eat

3. And here’s another person rating a disgusting order as 4 stars. 

The last time we rounded up reviews like this on Just Eat, we quickly realised that Irish people have no idea how a star-rating is supposed to work, and they’ll just press any old number of stars, regardless of how they felt about their order. 

1st and last time.

PastedImage-52831 Just Eat Just Eat

4. Four and a half stars for a piece of plastic in the middle of a pizza.

Did you enjoy the plastic? Would you like to see it there again in future? It’s hard to tell if you felt positive or negative about this experience, Luis. 

PastedImage-34584 Just Eat Just Eat

For real though, what’s the bets he was just referring to one of these:

yan7rc2z3m411 Reddit Reddit

5. Five and a half stars for this complaint. 

Charging 3 euros to add mushrooms on a pizza and then put a few mushrooms here and there is a bit of a rip off guys. 

But hey, here’s 5.5 star – keep up the good work! 

PastedImage-66265 Just Eat Just Eat

6. This person decided to leave a review before their food had even arrived.

Didn’t get it yet said it wil b here at 10 past nine

PastedImage-81669 Just Eat Just Eat

At least they let us know what time the meal was due to arrive at. 

7. This order seems to have arrived way too fast.

It took me 1:30min to arrive.

PastedImage-22746 Just Eat Just Eat

I wouldn’t trust any curry that was ready in a minute and thirty seconds.

8. This man has no idea what a 5in1 is, does he?

Spicy shredded chicken was alright however the 5in1 box was disappointing and everything was drowned in curry sauce, be better if the sauce was on the side

PastedImage-97347 Just Eat Just Eat

9. “I will never order from here again because of this rude old man.” 

PastedImage-42754 Just Eat Just Eat

The store and food was fine , but the delivery man was extremely rude at the door and when I said it was paid for he accused me of lying , I found it extremely insulting and I will never order from here again because of this rude old man. 

We really can’t help but wonder what age this delivery guy is. In all my years getting takeaways, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a delivery man over the age of 50. Anything under the age of 50 wouldn’t really fit into the category of “old man”, would it? 

10. This guy complained that his food was ‘bouncy’.

How did he even come to realise that?

PastedImage-21661 Just Eat Just Eat

11. This customer can’t tell the difference between a steak and a pizza.

PastedImage-63565 Just Eat Just Eat

I asked for the pizza well done they didn’t leave it in long enough but other than that very pleasant and prompt. 

*Goes into McDonald’s* “Hey, could I get a quarter pounder? Medium rare, please.” 

12. This guy was more impressed with the delivery driver than the actual food. 

The delivery driver was so beautiful and amazing. 

PastedImage-52387 Just Eat Just Eat

13. Okay, this story is fairly ridiculous. 

PastedImage-49291 Just Eat Just Eat

Firstly i paid with card. Then after waitintg 45 mins and still no pizza i rang the shop. The girl first said sorry theres been no order from that address then said oh sorry no its gone just now so i said ok thanks. Half hour later still no pizza. I rang the shop again the girl then told me she would ring me back. She did within minutes telling me my pizza had already been delivered that somebody was standing outside my house sitting on a wall and collected the pizza. Firstly it was lashing raining and 11.30 at night and secondly there is no wall you can sit on outside my house and thirdly if a car pulled up outside my house i would know about it because i have a very large dog who would let me know.

Get to the point, Lauren. 

Eventually she apologized and send out a different order to what we had originally ordered the delivery driver then told me he had given my pizza to a young boy who was standing in my garden he knew didnt live here but always orders from them to his own address so he just gave him the pizza he even gave a name for the boy! It was all lies nobody ever tried to deliver any pizza  and there was certainly no boys in my garden if there was i would know about it with the dog! I will never order from them again. 

As outlandish as this entire story is, you’ve got to give it to her – at least she only rated them one star for this.

14. This woman said that her local Chinese should be shut down because they gave her pineapple in a chicken satay. 

We all get a bit dramatic when we’re hungry, but this is something else. 

PastedImage-58545 Just Eat Just Eat

Fried noodles tasted like I was crunching on shards of glass in it and were burned chicken satay was just discusting never heard of a satay chicken with pinnaples in it and wat ever sauce they use is not satay went in the bin. 
All in all food delivery and service on the phone when I called terrible will never order from the place again should be shut down. 

We’ve all had a bad customer service experience, but very few of us have sat there at the end of it wishing that every single person involved in the situation would lose their jobs. 

15. Dublin rapper Jafaris (or someone posing as him) left a  very subtle advertisement in the review section of San Sans in Santry.

The review was left under the name ‘jafarismusic’ – weird flex, but ok. In all seriousness, this is actually a pretty funny idea. STREAM SWEETENER ON JUSTEAT. 

PastedImage-73536 Just Eat Just Eat

16. One of the employees at this Chinese thinks that their chow mein can defy the laws of physics. 

I call them saying it’s been and hour and I’ve got nothing, I’m told it’ll be fine. I mentioned that I didn’t want it to be cold and she says “chow mein doesn’t go cold.” 

PastedImage-85608 Just Eat Just Eat

17. And here’s a customer complaining that her soup was dry.

After being my favourite place the last order was awful ! Gloopy rice so much sauce in dish. Soup was dry !! No soup all noodles NO flavour.

PastedImage-81151 Just Eat Just Eat

 18. We have all felt the way that Brandon felt after eating this pizza at one stage or another.

Sexy little pizza perfect food adver a night out thanks pizza hut love you hun x 

PastedImage-89852 Just Eat Just Eat

 19. This customer was really freaked out by the fact that Pizza Hut forgot to slice their order.

Bit harsh with the rating, too. Not like the food was inedible. 

PastedImage-35410 Just Eat Just Eat

 20. This delivery driver actually sounds kind of funny.

I wouldn’t be laughing if this happened to me, but think of what was going through their mind. Were they bursting for a pee? Were they just rushed off their feet? Was it time for them to clock out? 

Left the pizza in my garden never even knocked on door just left in the garden. 

2o of the weirdest reviews Irish people have left on Just Eat >

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