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10 reasons why takeaways trump eating out every time

Every damn time.

1. Everyone knows that watching Netflix in your pyjamas with takeaway is bliss

2. Absolutely no effort with appearance is required to order takeaway

giphy (5) Source: Giphy

No uncomfortable shoes or pesky pants necessary.

Hell, you don’t even need to brush your hair if you don’t want to.


3. Even basic table manners are unnecessary

giphy (4) Source: cliffpantones/Tumblr

Who are you going to offend?

4. Takeaway is a lonely person’ssaviour

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Hungry, lazy and unable to find someone to go to a restaurant with you?

Takeaway, my friend.

5. Takeaway food establishments are far more generous with their helpings than restaurants

Look at this gigantic pizza.

pizza Source: The Pizza Review/Flickr

And look at this plate of literal bird food.

starter Source: Feline DaCat/Twitter


6. Ordering takeout is nowhere near as stressful as perusing the menu of a fancy restaurant

Ordering an old reliable like a giant Meat Feast > panic-ordering something with a French name and being too scared to ask what it actually is

7. Takeaway poses no danger for awkward interactions with waiters or waitresses

Takeaway means you don’t have to answer to anybody.

8. Nor do you have any of these false alarms to contend with

9. Leftovers are part of the deal

Let’s be real about this: you’re not going to ask a restaurant to pack away your leftovers. Even if you do, you’ll probably just forget it.

With takeaway, however, leftovers are a built-in bonus.

Cold Chinese for breakfast, anyone?

10. Best of all, you can let your inner glutton run free without fear of judgement when ordering takeout

giphy (6) Source: joeyramoney/Tumblr

*orders pizza, chips, wedges, garlic cheese bread, multiple dips*

tumblr_niwz8i7MuZ1qiaxzfo2_500 Source: ilanawexler/Tumblr

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