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People are now loving Tallafornia Marc after a massive argument on Big Brother

He’s now favourite to win again.

MARC O’NEIL IS repping Ireland in the Big Brother house.

Yes. That Marc. The one from Tallafornia.


This is all we’ve got.

Marc has had his highs and lows since he entered the Big Brother house back in May.

Recently, it appears as though he has been getting a hard time by Time Warp housemate Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace, who recently entered the house with other housemates from previous seasons. Danny Wisker has also been picking fights, with Marc

devilsophie2 / YouTube

Marc wasn’t always liked. He was blamed for the voluntary exit of housemate Brian Belo, due to his relationship with Helen Wood (a housemate from last year), who was also considered a bit of a villain in the house.

Let’s just say he didn’t have many fans.

On last night’s episode, Aisleyne confronted Marc when she heard him talking with contestants Danny Wisker and Charley Uchea, saying he didn’t like ‘someone being spiteful’ to him.

This comes after she called him ‘a smug b*****d’ and a ‘wind up merchant’, which, he would probably agree is only fair.

Aisleyne later told Big Brother:

I can’t bear to be in the same room as Marc, I can’t bear him, I can’t bear his voice his looks, his condensing face and eyeballs, I cant take him.

But strangely enough, people started to take Marc’s side.

Poor Marc :(

He’s currently favourite to win across the bookies so maybe all hope isn’t lost.

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