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7 surprising facts about how Irish people watch telly

TV: Teacher, mother, secret lover.

DESPITE THE GROWING popularity of Netflix and streaming services, Irish people still love their telly – and there’s proof.

TV ratings body Television Audience Measurement Ireland (TAM) has released figures that give an insight into just how we watch telly.

Here are some of the more surprising facts.

1. We watched around three and half hours of TV a day

epnvw4i Source: Imgur

Around 90% of this is live telly, while the remainder refers to “time-shifted” programmes, or shows that were recorded to watch later.

Interestingly, this figure does not include watching DVDs, online players or Netflix. Add a week of telly up, and you get the next fact…

2. We spent around one day a week watching telly

Spongebob-Squarepants-Watching-TV-Eating-Soggy-Popcorn Source: Mrwgifs

TAM figures show that Irish people spend 24 hours a week in front of the box. Grim.

3. Children actually watch the least amount of telly


Irish kids watched approximately two hours and 10 minutes of TV a day in 2014, while people from 15-24 got about two hours in. Tell that to anyone who said your eyes would go square.

On the other hand, people aged 55+ watched around three and a half hours of telly daily.

4. Sunday is the most popular day to binge-watch

11am home alone Source: Usc

A typical viewer watches more than four hours of TV on a Sunday. Sure what else would you be doing?

5. Eight per cent of homes subscribe to a HD service

1383148013_f479ba09a5_b Source: Flickr/r_gnuce

Not all of us are on that fancy bandwagon.

6. The average Irish adult aged 45+ saw 47 ads a day

rs_500x335-140204131302-tumblr_m72lvk47vw1ql06buo1_500 Source: Eonline

Adults aged 15+ saw 37, while those in the 25-44 age bracket saw 29 ads a day.

Sounds like a lot, doesn’t it?

7. And brands like Pampers, Gilette and Fairy Liquid had the most-seen ads

a.baa-Dog-Watching-TV-In-Strange-P Source: Jroo

Procter & Gamble (which houses the above brands) were the top advertiser last year, followed by Sky and Unilever (Dove, Hellman’s, Knorr).

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