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7 essential stock phrases to deploy with any Irish taxi driver

What time are you on till?

1. “So, what time are you on till?”

tony Source: Tony Webster/Flickr

The go-to icebreaker for all Irish people in a taxi.

The possibility for follow-up questions is endless: What time did you start at? Do you work every day? What are weekends like? 

It’s also just GOOD MANNERS.

2. “What do you think of the Hailo app yourself?”

Hailo three millionth passenger Source: David Parry/PA Wire

Cue a five-minute discussion on how handy it is.

3.  ”Some weather we’re having”

Winter weather Nov 12th Source: PA Archive/Press Association Images

Can be used whether it’s lashing rain, gloriously sunny or just grand.

“Some weather we’re having.”

4. “What do you make of Roy Keane?”

Britain Soccer Premier League Source: AP/Press Association Images

Obviously best employed when Roy Keane is in the news, but can be used at any time really.

Warning: bring up Saipan at your own risk.

5. “What used to be in there?”

City stock - Bradford Source: Lewis Stickley

To be said wistfully about any pub, shop or restaurant that appears to be closed or in the midst of renovation.

6. “Is it busy around tonight?”

newspaper Source: Evan Blaser/Flickr

An old reliable that never fails.

7. “What are you doing, man?”

whatareou Source: joshutchersonn/Tumblr

To be said righteously about any driver doing anything remotely cheeky/driving with a broken light/failing to indicate. If you and the taxi driver don’t bond after this, there may be no hope.

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