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Your New Year's Eve certainly wasn't as eventful as this Kildare woman's

Wow. Just wow.

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HOW WAS YOUR New Year’s Eve? Great craic? Well, your adventures probably pale in comparison to this Kildare woman’s exploits.

The woman (who shall remain unnamed) was partying it up in Galway last night – after a few sherries, she forgot she was in Galway and got a taxi back home to Celbridge.

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She claims she was “too busy having the chats with the taxi driver” and simply thought that the driver had gotten lost on the way from Dublin to Celbridge. Lost for three and a half hours.

She shared the details of her adventure with her mates over WhatsApp this morning, and well, it was wild:

Screenshot_2016-01-01-14-40-27_censored_censored Source: Karen Durnin

Screenshot_2016-01-01-14-41-06_censored Source: Karen Durnin

Screenshot_2016-01-01-14-41-22_censored Source: Karen Durnin

The bill came to €220 (with a good bit knocked off since they got lost a few times) – a pal told DailyEdge.ie that Taxi Girl found the whole situation hilarious, but is suffering from “unbelievable levels of fear” today. Sounds about right.

Thank you to Karen Durnin for sending this in!

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