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shake it off

A Twitter campaign appealing to Taylor Swift's sound side just paid off

Haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate…


TAYLOR SWIFT IS notoriously protective over what belongs to her; her image, her merchandise and of course her music.

So when a group of pensioners in Australia tried to use her song Shake It Off during a pivotal moment in an upcoming Belvoir Theatre Company show in Sydney, they were told ‘NO’, with just days to go until opening night.

shake @annelouisesarks @annelouisesarks

However, another thing Swift is notorious for is reaching out and connecting with and helping fans on the internet. So Anne-Louise Sarks, director of Seventeen, decided to use this to her advantage.

Seventeen sees a group of pensioners play a bunch of teenagers as they embark on their last day of school, and a scene where they dance to Swift’s song ‘Shake it Off’ is described as ‘pivotal’.

pens @annelouisesarks @annelouisesarks

Using the hashtag #GreyGrey4TayTay Sarks sent the word out to anyone she could think of that may be able to help, tweeting Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe and trying to get word to Nicole Kidman. Comedian and musician Tim Minchin got involved and passed on the word to Ed Sheeran. Soon #GreyGrey4TayTay was trending in Australia and buzzing around social media.

And… it worked.

All together now….


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