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Tayto chocolate chip cookies are now a thing

Three of our favourite things, together at last.

ALL OUR LIVES, we’ve been waiting for someone to perfectly combine Tayto and chocolate.

Tayto themselves couldn’t do it, though they tried, so it was up to us to mix and match the sweet and savoury to our own liking.

Mobile Uploads - The Cupcake Bloke | Facebook Source: Facebook/The Cupcake Bloke

These may look like regular chocolate chip cookies, but they’re not – they’re Tayto-cheese-and-onion-chocolate-chip cookies dreamed up by The Cupcake Bloke, who runs a market stall on Coppinger Row in Dublin three times a week.

We had to find out if this would be the perfect marriage of both that Tayto has failed to deliver.

taytocookies2 Source: DailyEdge.ie

There were some visible flakes of Tayto on the cookies, but opinions were divided as to whether the cookies actually tasted like the crisps.

Some got nothing, others got a faint salty, cheesy aftertaste, and a few insisted they got that Tayto flavour.

taytocookie1 Source: DailyEdge.ie

Everyone agreed, however, that the cookies themselves were fantastic.

There’s a slight saltiness to them, and a hint of cheese and onion aftertaste. If you didn’t know the Tayto were in there though, would you be any the wiser?
Good cookies. But not good Tayto cookies.
Really good cookies. Nice texture. I thought there was a faint taste of Tayto at the start, but now I think it was just my imagination.

Well. Seems like we’re still on the hunt for that one foodstuff that perfectly combines Tayto and chocolate. We believe it’s out there.

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