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A popular British YouTuber just reviewed Tayto chocolate and he was baffled

He finally got his hands on some of that sweet cheese & onion choco.

Tayto Cheese and Onion Milk Chocolate - Low Res Source: BlogSpot

REMEMBER THE LIMITED edition cheese & onion flavoured chocolate that Tayto brought out a couple of years back?

Well, apparently it’s still on sale in Tayto Park.

But funnier still, British YouTube comedy channel Ashens made a video this week tasting “weird chocolate bars” and the Tayto chocolate bar was included. His first impression of Mr Tayto was interesting:

“It’s a sort of strange character there. Tayto. Mr Potato. Mr Tayto. Jeremy Tayto – I don’t know what the hell his name is.”

taytocheese Source: YouTube

“He doesn’t look anything like a potato for starters. He looks like a bit of corn that has been found in some s**t with a hat on.”

cheese2 Source: YouTube

How dare you, Sir.

The Tayto chocolate bar was the third that he sampled to his near million subscribers – after Tobasco chocolate and Vegemite Dairy Milk from down under.

Although, the poor Mr Tayto bar was well over a year out of date – so it didn’t stand much of a chance of a good review. He wasn’t a fan of the concept, anyway:

“Cheese and onion crisps in milk chocolate. Why? I like cheese and onion crisps and I like chocolate, but I’m not looking forward to them together.”

tayto55 Source: YouTube

“It’s weird. It doesn’t really taste of anything.”

cheese3 Source: YouTube

His final thoughts on one of Ireland’s most famous limited edition chocolate ever?

It’s really highly flavoured cheese and onion – and then it mixes with the sweetness of the chocolate stuck in your teeth.
“F**k you, Mr Potato, or whatever your name is.”

You may criticise the chocolate, Ashens, but we can’t have you ripping into poor Mr Tayto.

Apologise and dance with him immediately.

aytodance Source: Taste Ireland

hat-tip: Reddit Ireland

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