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People are mixing tea and coffee together and drinking it

Would you be well.

FOR YEARS, MOST of us have been operating under the assumption that tea and coffee were two separate entities, and never the twain shall meet.

But that’s simply not true. There are people out there mixing tea and coffee together with absolutely no thought for the consequences.

Mixing tea and coffee to create ‘teafee’, ‘dirty tea’, or ‘dirty chai’ is actually pretty common, if the internet is to be believed.

Some people make cups as an experiment.

Some actually enjoy it.

Others drink it to help them focus.

It’s even an item on the Starbucks ‘secret menu’.

starbuckssecret Source: starbuckssecretmenu.net

All signs point to tea-coffee (toffee? teafee?) definitely being a thing, but what does it taste like? We brewed up our own cup of ‘dirty tea’, and well…

teafeemug Source: DailyEdge.ie

It’s horrible. It’s a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad drink.
You can get the smell of coffee and the herbal-y smell of tea. Rank.
Tastes like tea with gone-off milk.

But there was a lone approving voice:

It tastes like instant coffee. Would drink it over having no coffee, TBH.

Have your say: Does teafee sound like the beverage of your dreams?

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