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Is this teacher really using Game of Thrones spoilers to punish students?

It all sounds just too perfect to be true.

YOU MAY HAVE read the viral story of the teacher in Belgium who picked a rather unconventional way to silence his students. When he noticed that about three-quarters of his maths class were watching Game of Thrones, the teacher began writing names of characters known to die in upcoming episodes whenever the class got out of line. He even included how they went out.

Way harsh.

Going viral

The story was initally noticed by Belgian news website Nieuwsblad.de and quickly picked up by the likes of the Guardian, Mashable, The Telegraph and TIME.








But did it actually happen?

The original story was first posted on French message board DansTonChat, which is entirely user-generated. The original submission reads:

My math teacher is a genius. Basically a lot of noise in the room and on several occasions the teacher asked us to keep quiet. At one point he is tired, he stops and asks that in the auditorium watching Game Of Thrones, where 3/4 of the auditorium (approximately 70 people) raise their hands. We are: “I guess you look at the series, and well know that I have read all the books and from now when there will be too much noise I write the name of the next death in Table I. enough to hold all year and I can even describe each death. I promise. There are quite a few in the background giggling guys who can not believe. So there he said: “Well, since you do not believe me I’ll give you the dead season 3 for those who have not seen it.” He actually did, and about 20 people have sighed in disgust. Well I can tell you that there’s been a religious silence during the last lesson.

However, according to Metro Sweden, the French chat site’s administrator Rémi Cieplicki say there’s no way to verify the user submissions, so it’s kind of like taking a comment from Overheard in Dublin and making a story out of it. Considering it’s got the makings of an urban legend and the new series is about to start, it spread like wildfire.

If nothing else, it’s giving educators all over the world some quality ideas.

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