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# Quizness time
Quiz: How closely were you watching the Game of Thrones finale?
You know nothing, Jon Snow… for the final time.
# got ya
Quiz: How closely were you watching the last episode of Game of Thrones?
There may be spoilers ahead.
# you win or die
Who will sit on the Iron Throne? Our writers give their Game of Thrones Season 8 predictions
Gendry, anyone?
# Game of Thrones
Here's what everyone wore to Game Of Thrones' Kit Harrington and Rose Leslie's wedding
We do know some things, Jon Snow.
# red wedding
Maisie Williams is going to be Sophie Turner's bridesmaid and Game Of Thrones fans are delighted
Cute enough TBH.
# tv picks
What to watch on TV tonight: Tuesday
This is the telly everyone will be talking about tomorrow.
# white guy blinking
An Aidan Gillen moment from last night's Game of Thrones finale has been turned into the best meme
Sorry, what?
# tv picks
What to watch on TV tonight: Monday
This is the telly everyone will be talking about tomorrow.
# Spotted
12 of the weirdest celebrity TV cameos
Remember when Boy George was in The A-Team?
# booj is coming
The cast of Game of Thrones are mad for Boojum and we just can't blame them
# island of craggy
These lads have created a spot on Father Ted version of the Game of Thrones intro
Serious attention to detail.
# yaaaas queens
The women of Game of Thrones have taken over and it's bloody brilliant
Game of Gals.
# Fancy Dress
A Dublin pub is hosting an epic screening party for the Game of Thrones finale
Big night.
# winter is coming
11 glorious shots of Game of Thrones locations in Ireland
Winterfell, IRL.
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Maisie Williams had the best response to a fan complaining about Game of Thrones spoilers
Let us all learn a lesson here.
# maisie williams
This Game of Thrones actress brilliantly rewrote a Daily Mail headline about her
Nailed it.
# Game of Thrones
A Game of Thrones fan in Dublin made some edits to this anti-British graffiti
Resist Bolton rule.
10 things everyone who doesn't watch Game of Thrones is sick of hearing
It’s a tough life.
# game of throws
14 things that would happen if Game of Thrones was set in Dublin
Summer is coming… for two days.
# Where's sue?
The man from the Vodafone pig ad was in Game of Thrones last night
Donal? Is that you?
# shireen
Last night's Game of Thrones shocked fans with another brutal scene
Did it finally go too far?
# imposter
Game of Thrones' Maisie Williams had awkward news for this guy who took a selfie with her
Ah lad.
# season five
11 things we learned from the S5 premiere of Game of Thrones
Well, that was intense.
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Here's how to chat about Game of Thrones, as Gaeilge
Prepare yourself, GoT chat is coming…
# all men must die
40 episodes of Game of Thrones in 40 sentences
Don’t mention the wedding.
# my dragons
The Game of Thrones S5 premiere is absolutely blowing people away
From the theme tune onwards… (This post contains no spoilers)
# a stark warning
George R R Martin just released a new Game of Thrones chapter, and Sansa's the surprise star
Sansa is coming.
# house of ginger
This Game of Thrones-inspired gingerbread creation just won Christmas
A formidable effort.
# game of ro
Ronan Keating wants to get married in a 'Game of Thrones themed' wedding...
Yeah, no bother Ronan.
# Thanks Penneys
Did you catch the King Joffrey lookalike wearing his mammy's curtains in the Late Late audience?
For real.
# the westeros
Galway buskers brilliantly cover the Game of Thrones theme
Euros are coming.
# casting call
Former Game of Thrones actress has excellent reaction to being cut
Myrcella Baratheon was recast, and the original actress wants you to know how she feels about it.
# valar morghulis
All four seasons of Game of Thrones, summed up in one amazing video
# queen of thrones
Listen to the Queen's guards playing the Game of Thrones theme tune
Just casually. No big deal.
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These early photos of the young Game of Thrones cast will make you go "D'aw"
Tiny, tiny babies.
# winter is coming
Game of Thrones is ending tonight, and its fans are basically inconsolable
The struggle.
# Game of Thrones
Here is the single best reaction to THAT Game Of Thrones fight
In case you hadn’t guessed, this post contains spoilers.
# Game of Moans
Here's how to cope if you are utterly adrift without your Game of Thrones fix
There’s no new episode tonight. THERE’S NO NEW EPISODE TONIGHT.
# Game of Moans
Are people finally fed up with all the deaths in Games of Thrones?
Twitter would indicate that they are. (No spoilers!)
# hodor
Irish Game of Thrones star records adorable message for little boy with special needs
His reaction is just lovely.