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Teachers have been sharing the funniest exam answers they have ever come across

“thou shalt not lotto”

ONE OF THE perks of being a teacher is probably the creative and comically awful answers you’d stumble across when marking exams.

So an AskReddit thread asked teachers to share the best answers they have ever seen. And they delivered.

Like this teacher’s tale of one RE scholar

“Made up quotes in a religion exam, ‘the bible says ‘thou shalt not lotto’”

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A motto to live by.

This teacher had a creative student:

“My tests are known for being fairly hard (I give two hours in class study time and the exam beforehand). One kid clearly didn’t study and instead did this.”


goforth Source: Imgur

Go forth ducks.

Another student just went for it with these guesses

Question: List 3 different gasses.
Answer: Air, farts, gravity.

tumblr_m9wdpwOLdy1qleer0o1_500 Source: Tumblr

Ah, science.

Death by cringe for this kid

My French teacher once told my class how a boy once forgot his entire speaking exam and decided to simply answer the questions in English but in a French accent for 5 minutes.

Haahhah_cringe Source: wikia

A tale of literary titans

Just finished marking a set of English and American culture papers. One student wrote theirs on the film ‘Bended Like Beckham’, while another wrote a very engaging essay about the popular Mary Shelley book ‘Frank Einstein’.

369 Source: Replygif

This musical genius is going places

Not a teacher but in a maths mock exam I was given a question where there was a circle and it said to draw a chord on the circle. I had no idea what it was and so I drew out a fretboard and an F barre chord on a guitar.

anigif_mobile_7a5007949f0f5963a62313c807f77bc3-6 Source: Buzzfed

It turns out, chancers are everywhere

Q: What’s the purpose of cow skin?
A: Holding the cow together


This kid was technically correct

Discussing the differences between Funerals and Weddings… Pupil put “at a wedding the bride kisses the groom; at a funeral, no one kisses the dead person.”

1247 Source: Replygif

But no.

Another just winged it

They had to use vocab words in an original sentence. The word was “usurp,” and the sentence “I usurp on my pancakes.”

pancakes Source: Allgifs

And finally, one teacher just left visual evidence of the best answer they had ever received

shit2 Source: Imgur


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