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International lost teddy bear database helps reunite lost toys with their owners

The best (and cutest) idea ever.

IF YOU EVER had a beloved teddy bear as a child, you’ll remember the utter devastation that you felt when it was lost, even just for a minute.

Back then if it was gone, it was gone – but now a special Facebook page can help reunite lost toys with the children that love them.

Launched back in September 2012, the Teddy Bear Lost and Found acts as a database for cuddly toys lost and found around the world.

There are some sad stories, like the case of this lost green alligator named Mr Par Par, given to the owner by her father before he passed away. She’s still looking, over a year after he went missing:

mr par par Source: Teddy Bear Lost and Found Facebook page

And the story of this Godfrey, a childhood teddy bear lost that was lost after after a friend’s heartless prank:

godfrey 2 Source: Teddy Bear Lost and Found

But there are happy stories too – the service has reunited many children with their beloved toys, including Tommy bear who came back home to Toby after he was lost at the Odyssey in Belfast:

tommy bear Source: Lost Teddy Bear Pinterest

And Special Ted, who had a “little adventure” in a Shoezone in Wales, and was kindly looked after by the staff there until he was reunited with his little girl:

special ted Source: Lost Teddy Bear Pinterest

There’s a full database of teddies lost, found and reunited with their owners – including a special section for those lost in Ireland – on the Lost Teddy Bear Pinterest account.

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