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This teenager pulled off an absolutely superb art gallery prank

Go to art gallery. Put glasses on the floor. Observe.

WANT TO KNOW what happens when you let a gang of teenagers loose at a modern art museum? Well now you know.

CjMSUbPUUAAsvov Source: Twitter/@TJCruda

TJ Khayatan and his mates weren’t entirely impressed by some of the art on display at the Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco – so they decided to put a pair of glasses on the floor of one of the rooms to see how people would react.

According to Buzzfeed, “within seconds” of them putting the glasses down and walking away, people began to gather around the exhibit.

CjMSUbRUYAAUVio Source: Twitter/@TJCruda

They stopped to consider what it might mean.

CjMSUbRUoAAvmN7 Source: Twitter/@TJCruda

Oh, and took pictures, too.

CjMSUeFUkAAFoAO Source: Twitter/@TJCruda

They attempted some similar pranks with a baseball cap and a bin, but nothing captured the public’s attention like that discarded pair of glasses.

Khayatan’s prank has been retweeted tens of thousands of times since he posted it on Monday, and while some people are just having a laugh…

…Others are holding it up as proof that modern art is rubbish.

A good prank is in itself art, no? We think so anyway.

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