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Lovely video shows off the best of Temple Bar

See, it IS nice. Don’t listen to the Huffington Post.

IT’S ONE OF the most well-known tourist spots in Ireland, but Temple Bar doesn’t half get a bad rap.

Earlier this month, Huffington Post declared Temple Bar one of the most disappointing tourist destinations in the world.

The article said Dublin as a whole was great to visit, but Temple Bar promotes the extremely tired “Irish culture equals pubs” stereotype:

Temple Bar…is a prime example of the rampant fleecing of drunken tourists that should be avoided at all costs.

While many of you agreed with these statements, we think this video from SEDA College might change your minds just a little bit.

Source: my SEDA/YouTube

Look how sunny it is! Look how colourful it is! And not a drunken tourist in sight.*

*Maybe because it looks like the video was shot in the morning, but still.


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