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Tesco is selling chocolate and cherry-flavoured 'festive' sandwiches

What. Is. This. Nonsense.

tesco Source: Wikimedia

LOOK, WE’VE ALWAYS embraced the Christmas sandwich. Turkey, stuffing, and cranberry were made to be stuffed between two slices of bread. But we cannot sanction this.

Tesco has unveiled an unusual pre-packed sandwich as part of its festive food range – chocolate and cherry mascarpone, on cinnamon bread.

More gold at Tesco Source: Facebook/Shit London/Nic Branch

Yep, we’re not lying to you.

Please. Witness the brown goo smeared on the plastic packaging. *gags*

The sandwich has been spotted in Tesco stores around the UK, causing a mild furore on social media. Many people are disgusted:

But some are actually pretty curious:

If you’re worried about being confronted with this sight in your local Tesco, fear not – a spokesperson for Tesco Ireland told DailyEdge.ie that the chocolate and cherry sandwiches will not be going on sale here.

Are you relieved, or would you have liked to give it a go?

Poll Results:

Get that monstrosity out of my face (706)
Get that monstrosity into my belly (223)

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