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Tesco's Facebook page is the best thing ever

Plus, the issue that should be the retailer’s top priority.

A THOUGHTFUL YOUNG man on Facebook brought our attention to Tesco’s social media prowess last night after posting the following dilemma.

“Hey Tesco,

Could you please address the placement of slices in your packed cold meat cuts?

As you can see in the attached diagram, the current arrangement of the meat with relation to the corner from which you peel the packaging back requires you to then try and pull the slice of meat out from under the rest of the slices. This isn’t very efficient.

If you were to adopt the arrangement on the right, vital sandwich making time could be saved as people wouldn’t need to wrestle their meats from the packaging.

I trust you will make this your top priority. Many thanks.

Here at DailyEdge.ie HQ, we think the poster deserves a ‘thank you’ from all lovers of sandwiches everywhere. He was rewarded with almost 15,000 ‘likes’ and a courteous reply from Tesco themselves.

But Tesco doesn’t just reply to its more ingenious ‘fans’. One of the lovely customer care team will answer pretty much anything (as long as it isn’t horse related, understandably).

For example, yesterday Donald asked:

“Hiya tesco. How’s it going mate are you still working in tesco?”

The reply?

Hi Donald. Of course we are. Our offices are now based on the moon. Gareth – Customer Care

Meanwhile, David is looking for a new Tesco in Scotland:

Hey could you put a small Tesco express in Crossgates in fife!! No where sells bloody booze here!!!

The response:

Hi David,I’m sorry I’ve never heard that we sell ‘bloody booze’ in any of our stores :P Nah just kidding :P There are currently no plans for a Tesco store in Crossgates, however I’ll be happy to log your suggestion for you and pass this back to our Property Team. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you :) Warm Regards,Chrissie – Customer Care

Things can get a bit technical:

Just a quick question… Your Iveco Daily home shopping vans… What is the length and weight of them and can you drive them on a normal driving licence please? thanks!

Or historical…

Who was established first Tesco or Sainsbuy’s?

But there’s usually an answer:

Hi Trevor,I do know that we started trading in 1924, not sure about the competition. Lowri – Customer Care

They’ll even reply to little rants:

Just seen Easter eggs in one of your shops no need for this it’s to early. Valentines hasn’t even passed or maybe they got the occasions mixed up??
Hi Eibhlin, We’re really sorry you’re unhappy with our decision to sell eggs at this time of the year. We certainly had no intention of causing any upset, and we apologise if this has been the case. There is currently a small range in stores; you won’t see the full range for some time yet. Customers have asked us for a small range of chocolate eggs at this time of year and we’re happy to supply them. Crème Eggs are very popular as soon as they go on sale and many of our customers have even asked for us to sell them throughout the year! However, your comments have been logged with our Buying and Marketing Teams and we can assure you that your views will be seriously considered. Thanks, Lowri – Customer Care

And the more, eh, personal queries get the attention required:

Whenever I go into your shop to buy bras, I happen to be buying the ones for a fuller cup (I’m a G) but none of them have any proper cups in, they’re all made of fabric with no real support, and I’d love to know why this is, as it makes them look like bras old ladies wear. I’m not an old lady and I like a bit of support for my boobs, so why not proper cups?
Thank you for your comments, I can certainly pass them onto our Clothing Buyers to consider for the future. Have a great evening, Clare Customer Care

As do cryptic requests:

Where’s my oranges and dry shampoo?!?!!! You’ve got 9 minutes.
They made it with 1 and a half minutes to spare!! Go on tesco!!
I’m pleased it’s arrived with 1 and a half minutes to spare. Is everything ok with the order? Matt – Customer Care
Well Matt my chickens nearly out of date but that’s fine I munch chicken pretty quick so yup all is well. Impressed with my oranges and dry shampoo and the delivery guys are always friendly. I like tesco.
That’s really lovely to hear, thank you for letting us know. And we like you too

They are really, really understanding, especially when it comes to doughnut fillings.

Hey, not really a complaint but I was in your Drogheda store today, and I got two packets of your own brand doughnuts (one jam, one custard). And when I went to take a bite out of a custard doughnut, there was chocolate inside. I’m not a huge fan of chocolate doughnuts but I just thought I’d let you guys know there was a mistake on the packaging.
Thank you for taking the time to contact us about this and bringing this to our attention. I am really sorry that your custard doughnuts contained chocolate, I can understand your concern, especially as you don’t really like them. I understand you don’t want to go back to the store, but I will make them aware. Also, I don’t like to see you out of pocket, so would you be able to send me a private message with your full name, address and the details from the packaging? You can do this by clicking on the ‘Message’ tab next to the ‘Like’ tab under our cover photo.

And they’re there for the little chats too, if necessary.

i love triffle dessert!!!
I share your love for trifles. Yummy. Leah – Customer Care

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