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People are wishing a Happy New Year to their 'text-door-neighbours'

Oh, the internet.

MAKING IT YOUR mission to put yourself out there and make new friends in 2016? Here’s an unusual way to do it.

woman-smartphone-girl-technology Source: Pexels

People are extending New Year’s greetings to their ‘text-door-neighbours’ –  the people with the mobile phone number one digit up or down from their own.

So if your number is 087 1234567, you text 087 12345678.

The hashtag has been around since 2010, but has seen quite a bit of action over the past few days - people are just checking in to say hi:

Some are imparting motivational quotes…

Others are hearing some sad stories…

A few are receiving quite a bit of attitude back…

But some actually getting nice responses. Ahh.

Aw. Sure, it’s random, but anything that encourages people to be nice to each other can’t be that bad, right?

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