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This 9-year-old’s awkward texts to his new girlfriend are just adorable

His older brother spotted them and had to tell the world.

YOUNG LOVE HAS always been an awkwardly adorable affair, and now we have smartphones to document it.

So when Twitter’s Freddy Amazin spotted that his little brother had a new romance in his life he simply had to share.

Nine-year-old Damion was texting his new potential gf

amazin1 Source: Twitter

“I don’t care it’s your choice.”

But things started to get a little more romantic then

amazin2 Source: Twitter

Once they figured out what “wyd” meant, they were on their way to a beautiful friendship

amazin4 Source: Twitter

And just 20 minutes after deciding that they were a thing, the pair of them were IN LOVE

amazin5 Source: Twitter

Once Freddy shared the texts to Twitter, they went super viral this week. Of course, the whole internet is wishing Damion and his girlfriend more than 20 minutes of texting bliss.

“My 9 year old brother and his girls are goals tbh” Freddy said


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