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The 7 oddest bits from Azealia Banks' new video

The ’212′ singer is back. And she’s brought Poseidon.

AZEALIA BANKS IS best known round these parts for this filthy little ditty ’212′ (NSFW at all at all) and for getting into a Twitter spat with Amanda Brunker.

Now she’s released a new video for her song Atlantis, and given us something else to talk about.

It’s like an early nineties magic eye poster (remember those) nightmare, and it’s strangely compelling:

YouTube/Azealia Banks

1. This outfit/dance combo:

Her hair is in green horns, she’s in her bra, she’s doing a funny dance…

2. The jellyfish

If they sting you Azealia, you know you’re going to have to widdle on yourself?

3. This:

Are they… swordfish? Please note the terrifying massive Azealia Banks head at top right…

4. These glasses:

Surely she can’t see a thing? She’s going to snot herself…

5. This shark:

We’re going to, er,  need a bigger boat?

6. The swag:

Apparently they use €€€€ in Atlantis…

7. Poseidon:

There’s Poseidon giving Azealia the stink eye…

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