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Last night's Apprentice was a disaster on an unprecedented scale

The story of how so many people can f**k up so badly. Spoilers within.


IT’S BEEN WELL noted at this stage that this year’s bunch of Apprentice candidatesaren’t the best that have ever graced the boardroom.

And last night’s episode proved that point.

Set the task of coming up with a health food snack, one team produced this energy bar

sncakbar Source: Twitter

Which looked like this

The other team came up with the oiliest crisp in crisp history

crispsnow Source: BBC

And after all the pitching to retailers, both teams literally got ZERO orders between them

Never before has The Apprentice seen such a lack of success

Not even a pity order

Which is pretty bad considering this

pitch Source: YouTube

There were some comical explanations as to what went wrong in the boardroom


And some suggestions as to how to solve the deadlock

And when Brett got fired, Gary’s face was a picture

Look at the sadness in his eyes


The bromance is over

But given the catastrophic nature of the task, it was a surprise to see just one of the candidates fired.

The five that remain are hardly world beaters

Or to put it bluntly

What next? This season has had it all

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