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The Apprentice ended last night and things were seriously tense

Life changing spoilers within.

bang Source: Twitter

THIS SERIES OF The Apprentice has hardly been vintage when it comes to the quality of the candidates – but it’s more than made up for that in terms of pure entertainment and comedy.

So the final last night pitched Vana against the people’s hero Joseph – and things got tense.

Firstly, the two had to hire back previously sacked contestants

Which meant the return of some of the less competent into the fray.

And Natalie was left last on the shelf

Poor Natalie (although it’s understandable really).

Vana was pitching her dating app and the names weren’t exactly rolling off the tongue

And her business plan wasn’t making all that much sense


Like, she needed way more money than she previously thought

She eventually went with PlayDate

Which presented some interesting hypotheticals

Joseph was pitching his plumbing business – and was comfortably most people’s favourite going in

valente Source: BBC Twitter

One of the names he came up with was Prime Time Plumbers

And it didn’t really inspire confidence

Some people really weren’t impressed with the pair of them

Both Vana and Joseph then had to pitch to a massive room of investors – and the tension was scaling new heights

vana Source: Twitter

And Joseph performed pretty well – judging by his reaction when he left

So much so that he WON. And everyone came to the same realisation

He’s one of the most popular winners ever though

Who doesn’t love Joseph?

Even without the moustache, he’s The Apprentice winner of 2015

It’s been quite a ride.

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