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The chair that gives "recycled" a whole new meaning.

There are chairs and then there are chairs.

A GOOD CHAIR should be more than just a comforting place to rest yourself after a long day.

It should also be eco-friendly and offer innovative ways to store your drinks.

Thankfully Done Deller seller Patrick has us covered with his unique “Fully Recycled Chair With Can Holder” a bargain at only €15.

via DoneDeal

According to Patrick:

Beautiful hand-crafted ergonmic chair made from the finest bottles produced in Ireland

Presumably “ergonmic” is related to ergonomic and we’re glad the bottles are Irish.

Support local businesses and all that.

Patrick assures us that it is “very lightweight so can be moved around easily”.

And you’ll be glad to know that it:

Also contains can holder for convenience surpassed by nothing.

Not only does that can holder offer unsurpassable convenience there’s also those handy bottles on the back of the chair that we are assured can “be filled up with the drinks of your choice”.

Patrick then compares it to drinking at your favourite pub and it all gets a bit poetic:

you grab that pint and you can feel that condensation teasing the palm of your hand and your fingers and once that fluid just flows forth like some sort of floodgate of love

Alright, Patrick.

Calm down.

We’ll buy the bleedin’ chair.

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