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11 reasons why The Commitments is beloved by Irish people everywhere

25 years on, it’s still the best <3

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IT’S 25 YEARS since The Commitments came out. (Yes, we are aware of how horrifying that is.)

Fortunately it has aged like a fine wine and remains an Irish classic.

You’re never not delighted to see it pop up on telly.

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In fact, it’s the ultimate Paddy’s Day film.

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The quotes are still utterly timeless.

25 years on, they still never fail to elicit a chuckle.

And watching lads from Dublin sing the likes of Mustang Sally and Nowhere To Run will never not be enjoyable

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And you secretly wished you could form your own band because it looked like the most fun

*practices singing Try A Little Tenderness into hairbrush*

insta Source: neondreams91/YouTube

Speaking of Try A Little Tenderness, you still secretly think Andrew Strong’s version of that song is the definitive version

Sorry, Otis.

Source: IDSpete1/YouTube

You may have nursed a bit of a crush on Jimmy Rabbitte in your youth.

Ah Jimmy, you rogue <3

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Watching it now is basically one big game of Spot The Celeb.

Baby-faced Glen Hansard!

Little Andrea Corr!

Most importantly, it’s a tour-de-force in swearing

They say ‘f**k’ 145 times over the course of 113 minutes. That’s over one a minute!

And even though you’ve seen it a million times, you’d happily watch it again

Here’s to 25 more years of watching The Commitments on telly, eh?

insta Source: WorleyClarence/YouTube

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