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People are now trashing The (black and blue) Dress in hilarious Amazon reviews

Because of course.

IF YOU HAVEN’T had your brain fried by The Dress yet today, where have you been? The whole internet is up in arms over the colour of this dress after it was posted on Tumblr yesterday.

Is it black and blue, or is it white and gold? This question is ruining friendships and dividing families.

After a bit of investigation, it was discovered that the dress is actually black and blue, was made by the brand Roman, and for sale on Amazon.

bodycon Source: Amazon

Of course, people have already set about absolutely decimating the dress in various amusing reviews. Just look.


From Dan:

The good: Works equally well as formal or business casual attire.
The bad: Carves a crooked path through perceptual reality and leaves behind it a wake of confusion and existential crises. Also unforgiving on the hips.


By James Otero:

This dress is clearly an experiment designed by aliens who wanted to see if we would start a civil war between the blue/black master race and the inferior white/gold subhuman species. Nice try, aliens. we’ve started wars for way stupider reasons than this.


From jolie fine:

I was going to a fancy white and gold party (it’s a thing) so I bought this dress because clearly, despite the item description, it was the perfect colour combination of white and gold. How disappointed I was when half the people attending told me I looked crazy in what they said was a ‘black and blue’ dress. To make a long story short, I am now scared, depressed, friendless, back on my psych meds, questioning my entire existence and filing for divorce tomorrow. I gave it three stars because the fit is fantastic!

The Dress debate rumbles on.

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