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17 essential elements The Late Late Show wouldn't be the same without

Your Friday night starts right here.

1. The Owl

Nothing says The Late Late Show like the opening bars of that theme tune and the glorious owl swooping into the frame.

Source: YouTube

Sure doesn’t it even have its own Twitter account now?

2. Someone from the RTÉ canteen stopping by for a chat

Trust Tubs and co to get the Late Late Twitter feed going by nabbing a guest from the canteen for a quick chat.

Source: YouTube

Failing that, there’s always room for an old favourite to stop by, flogging their latest wares or projects.

3. An A-List guest who takes all night to appear


TubsTime3 Source: Shutterstock

4. A token appearance from Ireland’s latest internet sensation

It started with a little band called Crystal Swing.

Now we’ve seen everything from Gaeltacht choirs to The Wolf of UL, and a singing Catholic priest who went viral.

5. Tubridy clearly squirming in his seat as he deals with an awkward guest or an interview that’s just NOT happening

Rachel Wyse, anyone? Who could forget the moment Tubs asked her how she felt about Sky Sports’ alleged policy of hiring ‘lovely girls’.

Source: RTÉ Player

6. The ongoing battle about who the best presenter is/was

When Tubs is on we want Pat back. When Pat was on we wanted Gay back. And when Gay was on… we wanted him gone too.

Source: RTÉ

7. The audience clapping along, ALWAYS at the same tempo, no matter what the music

Be it a ballad, a show tune, or whatever the kids are listening to, they’ll never say no to a good old-fashioned clap along.

Source: YouTube

8. At least one comparison to Graham Norton

Source: Franky J Harte/YouTube

9. The Late Late hashtags on Twitter

Some people can’t watch The Late Late without watching Twitter at the same time, and the chatter just keeps on going throughout the week.

From the bizarre.

To utter contempt.

To even MORE talk about Graham Norton.

10. When Tubs talks to audience members and they include his name at the end of every sentence

Tubs: And your name is John Byrne?
Guest: It is, Ryan.
Tubs: And you’re from Cork?
Guest: I am, Ryan.
Tubs: And I understand you’ve done something very special?
Guest: Well, I suppose some people might say that, Ryan.

11. An audience member catching themselves on camera and reacting wonderfully

There’s nothing quite like watching an mortified woman gasp when she catches sight of herself on the monitors.

And then there are absolute pros, like this guy.

Source: YouTube

12. A mortifying segment involving members of the audience

Such as Michael Bolton Karaoke.

Source: RTE Player

Or the return of the Slow Set.

Source: YouTube

13. Which may feature a guest from ABROAD who isn’t quite sure what’s going on

Poor Michael.

Source: RTÉ Player

14. Those rare but wonderful moments of sheer TV brilliance

John Joe. Boyzone. That utterly heartbreaking moment when Gay Byrne spoke at length on air to a competition winner who had just lost her child.

Source: RTÉ

Complain all you want, The Late Late Show has produced some of Ireland’s most iconic TV moments.

15. The Toy Show

Source: Andreas Poveda

It’s basically the highlight of Ireland’s TV year, in fairness.

16. An inexplicably unenthusiastic competition winner

You’ve spent the whole night sitting by the phone, told the relatives not to call because you’d entered the competition and then THIS happens.

Source: RTÉ Player

There’s only one thing for it.

Source: YouTube

17. And of course, one for everybody in the audience

Source: YouTube

Just admit it. You LOVE it really.

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