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The moon now has faster broadband than rural Ireland... here's why slow internet is the WORST

They were harrowing times.

SO, IT’S OFFICIAL. Some parts of the moon have better broadband than you. Well, depending on what part of Ireland you’re from.

According to Wired, MIT and NASA have brought broadband with download speeds of up to 20Mbps to the moon. Many places across the country are still in single digits, but for comparison you can check your levels here. Safe to day DailyEdge.ie towers are a whole 6.22 Mbs FASTER than space. Neh neh.

Can you imagine watching keyboard cat in space? It’s a bit unfair that Mars natives are never going to experience the pain we went through though.

Things like…

Making sure your mam wasn’t on the phone before getting a headache listening to this

kMGpwlh Source: Imgur

The standard waiting time for a download was on average, ‘the rest of your expected life’

ciGLFTP Source: Imgur

What have we done to deserve this pain?

yFQTX8w Source: Imgur

Getting the blue screen of death after waiting 12 days for a movie trailer to load was reasonable grounds for murder


Don’t even get us started on images

Press refresh by mistake and you’re DOOMED.

JmR39HA Source: Imgur

Streaming on YouTube? Try streaming a ‘never-ending wave of anxiety’


It was a harrowing time. A waited time

loading Source: Csia

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