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# are yeh alright sharon?
How well do you know... The Snapper?
Do you know the dog’s name? What about the bike team? And Sharon’s baby’s name?

WHENEVER THE SNAPPER comes on the telly (usually around Christmas and at least three other times throughout the year) the call goes out across Ireland.

Roddy Doyle’s tale of Sharon Curley, her family, and her surprise snapper has a place in all of our hearts, but just how well do you know it?

Let us put you to the test (link to the answers at the bottom):

1. Can you name all of the people in this picture?

Image: AtHomeWithMrsM

2. What was the dog’s name?

3. What was the name of the actress who played Sharon?

4. When Sharon goes into labour, what does Kimberley call her contractions?

5. What age is Sharon when she gets pregnant?

6. What song does Kimberley do her majorette practice to?

7. Who did Tara O’Neill have her baby for?

8. What animal (apart from the dog) is kept in the kitchen?

9. What did Jackie rob from her boyfriend in a café?

10. Who does Lisa tell Dessie he’ll have to discuss her behaviour with?

11. What does Kay say was the “best contraceptive ever invented”?

12. What’s Georgie Burgess’ daughter’s name?

13. Who does Sharon tell people is the father of her baby?

14. What’s the prize in the raffle Georgie Burgess is selling raffle tickets for?

15. What song is playing when Craig returns from the army?

16. What does the nurse ask Sharon about that prompts her to say “I didn’t know what she was talking about until she told me”?

17. What does Darren get for his birthday?

18. Who directed The Snapper?

19. How much money does Mr Burgess give Sharon when she comes to see him?

20. What song does Sharon sing at Karaoke?

21. What is the ‘ps’ at the end of Georgie Burgess’ letter to his wife?

22. What’s the name of the hotel Sharon and Georgie have their sexual encounter outside?

23. What kind of sandwiches does Dessie bring to the Garda station for Craig?

24. What does Dessie tell Lisa to put on before she can go out?

25. What begins with a C, ends with a T, and has a U and an N in it?

26. What does Lisa want to call the baby?

27. What does the baby weigh when it’s born?

28. What’s the name of the cycling team Dessie coaches?

29. What hospital does Sharon have the baby in?

30. What does she call the baby?

Ready for the answers? Here you go>