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Week in Photos

The week in photos

The week that was, in pictures.

WE FOUND OUT this week that talk is not cheap: Ireland’s political parties got their nominees in a twist over the format of leaders’ debates in the upcoming general election.

And two football pundits found that sticks and stones might break bones, but words can put your job in jeopardy…

This is the week that was, in pictures:

The week in photos
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  • Grandfather Madiba

    Students from a school near the hospital where former South African President Nelson Mandela, fondly known as 'Madiba', was undergoing medical tests this week. He was released from hospital today.
  • Mirage

    An Indian street flower vendor sets up for the day on a pavement in Bangalore in front of a dolphin mural which is part of city's beautification drive.
  • Bills, bills, bills

    The Finance Bill passed through the Dail this week after independents Michael Lowry and Jackie Healy Rae eventually decided to support it. It is now being debated in the Seanad while the rest of the country gets used to a reduced wage as many Budget 2011 measures kicked into their first pay packet of the year.
  • Pointe-scoring

    Maria Kochetkova, of the San Francisco Ballet, at the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow, Russia on Wednesday. Ballet was in the news this week when the Oscar nominations were announced. Natalie Portman is up for Best Actress for her role as a crazed ballerina in Black Swan. An Irish director, Michael Creagh, has also received a nomination for Best Short Film.
  • Survival of the fit

    A bodybuilder from Dublin survived an assassination attempt on Thursday night. He was shot at least five times as a gunman fired into his car as he pulled up at his girlfriend's house at Rusheeny Manor in Clonsilla.
  • Into the blue

    A TV crew stand in front of a aquarium at the opening in Aqua City, the new flagship marine-themed zone of the Hong Kong Ocean Park.
  • I wandered lonely as a cow...

    A cow went beserk at Ennis Mart in Co Clare this week, knocking over a garda and hurting three men who tried to catch her as she raced along a busy road. It was first thought she might have to be put down but after finally getting her into solitary confinement in a field for the night, she appeared to calm down. A mart spokesman told that if it was established that the cow was no longer a danger, her life might be spared.
  • They think it's all over...

    ... It is now. Sky Sports football pundits Andy Gray and Richard Keys have both left the station after being caught up in accusations of sexist remarks about a female match official. Keys resigned and Gray is reportedly thinking of suing for 'unfair dismissal'.
  • The lost of La Preciosa

    Ana Luz Acosta, a relative of miner Jorge Lara, sheds tears outside La Preciosa coal mine in Sardinata, Colombia. Lara is among 20 miners feared dead after an explosion there on Wednesday.
  • Follow the leader

    Micheal Martin thanked his rivals for the Fianna Fail leadership - Mary Hanafin, Eamon O Cuiv and Brian Lenihan - for their "positive" campaigns. He was voted to lead Fianna Fail into the general election after winning 33 votes from the parliamentary party. O Cuiv got 18, Lenihan got 14 and Hanafin got 10.
  • Moscow in shock

    A clergyman lights candles at a site of a blast at Domodedovo airport near Moscow where a suicide bomber killed scores of people on Monday.
  • Frozen car park

    People clear their cars while other cars make their way slowly through the streets of New York, which has experienced its snowiest January on record.
  • Bertie Bowl?

    Bertie Ahern presents George W Bush with a bowl of shamrocks on St Patrick's Day 2008 when he was still Taoiseach, and Bush was still president of the US. The crystal piece was the only 'Bertie Bowl' Ahern managed to get his hands on as Taoiseach: on exiting the Dail this week after 34 years, Ahern said one of his biggest regrets was that he never got to build his national stadium. He came under heavy criticism from the public for not citing healthcare or the economic legacy his government left behind as his biggest regrets.
  • Indian spice

    Indian schoolchildren perform a Rajasthan folk dance at the Republic Day parade in New Delhi on Wednesday.
  • Debating the debate

    A member of Labour Youth dressed as a chicken makes a political point against Fine Gael Leader Enda Kenny outside Leinster House yesterday. Kenny has been refusing to take part in a three-way leaders' debate with Fianna Fail and Labour, saying that there should be five-way debates to take in the leaders of Sinn Fein and the Greens too.

All pics courtesy PA Images.