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10 Things Every Teacher Knows To Be True
Those who can, teach.

Teachers love the telly on wheels as much as the students

To quote one staffer:

Whenever one of my primary school teachers ever came in with a *suspected* hangover, he cracked out the VCR of Gandhi and that was the morning’s teaching sorted.

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Teachers dread the cigire as much as the students

NOBODY enjoys being judged from the back corner of the classroom. And then of course there’s the dilemma of keeping the bold ones in the class or hiding them away from the day doing some kind of job in a broom cupboard.


When a dog appears in the yard, you might as well write off the rest of the day


Students finding out how close in age you are to them is a disaster

See also: seeing sixth years in the local pub. Shudder.


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Students thinking you’re as old as their grannies is equally horrifying


Going to a local supermarket is a mine field

All poor teacher wants to do is pick up some McCambridges and a two litre of Coke without the constant threat of


around every corner.

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Sometimes it’s okay to just let a fake sick note go

Teachers often know when you’ve written them yourself. Sure we all need a break sometimes.

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Teachers will try anything to instill a sense of respect/fear/order

One H-Dip candidate told us:

We were told by a college tutor not to smile before Christmas in order to retain some semblance of being in charge.

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Red biro for corrections is enshrined in the Constitution

Green biro is the preserve of the amateur or, conversely, the teacher with so much experience/nonchalance that they can get away with it.

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Anyone can do a teacher’s job

And did you know they have 17 months holidays a year and get to go home every day at 9.45am?


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