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24 things that mildly irritate Irish people every day

Grrr, I’m so mildly irritated.

real Source: Wikimedia Commons

1. “This ATM can only dispense multiples of €50″

2. The ‘real time’ info on Dublin Bus

3. Someone not moving down the bus

buses Source: informatique

4. Someone forcing you to move down the bus when you don’t want to

5. Someone sticking their hand out and waving for the bus to stop when the bus is already clearly stopping

6. Realising at 10.01pm that you forgot to go to the offie

Sorry We're Closed Source: Tommy Ironic

7. When people who are not Irish call themselves Irish because their great great great grandaddy once ate a potato

8. When the Luas ticket machine doesn’t print out the ticket fast enough for you to get on the Luas

9. People who get 9 A1s in the Leaving Cert when you only need 600 points

Leaving Cert English Papers 2002 Source: iamvisi

10. When someone presses the button at the pedestrian crossing even though it’s already been pressed

11. “St Patty’s Day”

12. ”Tiny baaaaaybies”

Source: dolly12379/YouTube

13. People who pronounce Cahill as Kay-hill

14. People who pronounce Doherty as Dock-er-ty

15. Gallagher – Gall-agg-er

16. Calling buns ‘cupcakes’. They are buns

Cupcakes Source: jillian nicole.

17. When someone has gone to the second layer of Afternoon Tea when the first layer isn’t finished

18. When someone nearby hangs up the phone with ‘byebyebyebye, bahbyebyebye, bahbye, byebyebye’

19. Bono

pox Source: ampontour

20. Glen Hansard

21. Ryan Tubridy

22. G**th Br**ks

Brooks Yearwood Source: Mark Humphrey

23. Terminal 1

24. Verified by Visa


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